Command Presence, persuasion techniques, Dr. Larry Iverson

Do you know what the most researched topic is in the history of mankind?  The first detailed writings on this were done over 3500 years ago in ancient China.  Rulers of numerous ancient civilizations filled thousands of documents debating how to develop this.

What is this highly sought after skill that has been studied more
than any other topic in recorded history?  Persuasion.

Is there any area of your life where persuasion, and having the ability to influence others does not come into play at some time? I think you’ll agree, it’s crucial in your personal and professional life.

“The Ability to Be Persuasive is One of the Results
of Having a Powerful Presence”

Command Presence, persuasion techniques, Dr. Larry Iverson

What If?  #1


Do you have children?  What would your life be like if you could not persuade your children to do what’s needed?  When they are young you could bully them into doing what you want (which is what many parents do, unfortunately) but what happens when your child becomes a teenager? 

If you aren’t skillful at communicating effectively and leading your children—if you don’t know strategies for persuading them to take appropriate action—I can guarantee that both you and they are going to have some really tough teen years.

What If?  #2


Have you ever had to sit through a terrible presentation?  One where the person was a very lousy presenter—they were boring, dull, a poor communicator, and you either wished you could fall asleep or else you did? 

That bad presentation has nothing to do with whether they know the material or not. It has to do with “Presence”. It results from lacking essential verbal and nonverbal communication strategies.  You don’t have to be a lousy (or even just an “ok”) presenter.  These are learnable skills that will change your life—whether you are in front of one person, or one thousand.

What If?  #3


Can you think of someone at work or socially, that when you have to interact with them, they just rub you the wrong way?  When you are around them their mannerisms, attitude, the way they talk, or what they talk about makes you a bit nuts (or at the least is irritating.)

The reason you feel that way when you have to deal with them is because that person is clueless about the “Presence” they are exhibiting while interacting with you.  Don’t you be clueless with someone else! 

Using the Skills of “Presence” You Will Know Exactly
How to Avoid Having These “What If’s” Happen to You!

Personal Presence is a learnable skill.  No one is born with it—it’s not a part of human genes or in the DNA code. 

Presence is developed personal power.  It’s the ability to influence.  It’s a skillful style of communication delivery that brings credibility to your words, decisions and actions.  And, “Presence” gives you the ability to make an impact with your family, at work, in social settings and within teams you are on.

Observing Someone With Presence

A person with “Presence” is often described as being inspiring, composed, energized, credible, influential, self-confident, a good communicator—yet there is much more. 

“Personal Presence” is the central component of the greatest leaders.  No matter what job you do, the more you refine your “Presence” the more rapidly you can build credibility, the more influential you become in all interactions, and the deeper the relationship connections you can make.

This seemingly effortless attraction people have for dynamic generals, influential political leaders, effective sales people, great actors, superb business executives Is the result of “Presence”. 

“Having Personal Command Presence is the Skill of
Getting Others to Stay Focused on You,
While You Influentially and Credibly Communicate”


You want to have warm, connected relationships.
You want people to listen when you speak. 
You want your opinions and recommendations to be given consideration. 
You want people to pay attention to your input. 
You want people to partner with you on projects of importance. 
You want to be believed and taken seriously. 
Without “Presence”, these things won’t happen consistently……

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Are You Ready To Discover Exactly
How To Create Command Presence Anytime You Want?

Command Presence, persuasion techniques, Dr. Larry IversonI have worked with over 1,000,000 people in my career, doing therapy, coaching, keynote speaking and training.  I’ve assisted thousands in the process of creating the success they desire, and helped them overcome mental barriers and blocks that stood in their way.

During my years of working with these individuals and teams, I’ve observed hundreds of individuals who have amazing “Presence”, discussing with many of them exactly what they do.  I’ve spent years researching the verbal and nonverbal skillsets that make “Presence” happen so I could fully understand how it’s built.

This Command Presence program is a summary and condensation of proven strategies and tactics that can help you create a Powerful Presence. 

You are not in this alone.  I’m your coach and will assist you in learning Command Presence, just as I have all those others.  You are on a journey that you can’t get off—it’s called the future. You can crawl. You can walk. You can try and hold back, or you can stride, but daily you keep moving into the future. Take control from this moment on!  Add Personal Presence to your toolbox of life skills.

Here’s Just A Small Portion Of What You’ll Gain
From Command Presence

Know how to convince others to step-up and take action as needed
Understand how to use Presence to break through conflict rapidly
Overcome fear and resistance to change that stops you from action
Learn how to build deeper, more trusting relationships in minutes
Know how to persuade others to do what you want
Learn the strategy professional actors use to feel and look calm and composed when in front of an audience or in pressure situations

And There’s More  Learn Command Presence Now!

“Are You Ready For Your Whole Life
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By using the highly refined strategies you’ll learn in Command Presence, you can immediately connect with others better, AND be more persuasive.  Without these proven strategies it’s more of a shot in the dark.  When you claim your copy of this program you’ll have exactly what you need to transform your life.  You will be able to be more influential in all your relationships.  With Command Presence you’ll discover how to make the impact you desire, in every situation you encounter.

Command Presence, persuasion techniques, Dr. Larry Iverson

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Most professional development programs you could buy are filled with great sounding, but unusable theory.  With these 8 bonuses and the complete Command Presence program you will get proven, rock solid strategies showing you precisely what to do. 

You will not only learn what to do, and why it should be done that way — in the DVD's I will show you exactly how to do it! You can be more persuasive and have greater Presence beginning today!

“The Command Presence Program
Is The Answer You’ve Been Looking For”

Could you figure all of this complete system out on your own without using the Command Presence program? Maybe, but it would take you years of investigation, research and experimenting to figure out how to do all the detailed strategies! Dr. Iverson has done the hardest part for you. He has spent thousands of dollars over a period of years, refining the Command Presence process.

For you to start from scratch and learn by trial and error is really a huge waste of time.  Especially when you have an expert right in front of you who has done all the research and laid out very clearly exactly what to do.  For far less than you probably spent on your education, you will learn strategies that are significantly more practical and beneficial than just about anything you learned in school. 

"Are You Finally Ready To Learn Proven Strategies
That Can Have A Positive Effect
On Every Relationship In Your Life”

Dr. Larry Iverson’s Brand New…
Command Presence Strategies
Tactics for Building Acceptance,Enhancing Your Credibility, and Increasing Persuasiveness

Yes!   I want to learn the Command Presence Strategies!

Command Presence, persuasion techniques, Dr. Larry Iverson

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The Secret To Persuasiveness

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